24 January 2018

Thabarwa Nature Center EU meditation retreats



"Focused awareness and awareness without choice" 

(Understanding through meditative practice how to develop clear vision and train the heart / mind to natural awareness)

The retreat will be conducted by the venerable monks Taehye Sunim and Kusalananda of the Musang Am Monastery of Lerici, following the teaching of Sayadaw Ottamasara.

The retreat’s program will be sent to the participants later.

To participate in the retreat is free, people can give a Dana (free offer) for the teaching.

Places are limited and registration will be closed when the limit of number of people is reached.




"Consapevolezza focalizzata e consapevolezza senza scelta"

(Comprendere attraverso la pratica meditativa come sviluppare la chiara visione e addestrare il cuore/mente alla consapevolezza naturale)

Il ritiro sará condotto dai venerabili monaci Taehye Sunim e Kusalananda del Monastero Musang Am di Lerici, seguendo gli insegnamenti del Venerabike Sayadaw Ottamasara.

Il programma del ritiro sarà inviato agli iscritti successivamente.

Il ritiro é gratuito, per gli insegnamenti si può effettuare un Dana (offerta libera).

I posti sono limitati e le iscrizioni si chiuderanno al raggiungimento degli iscritti.


16 January 2018

The Dhamma Hospital

In 2012, Sayadaw Ottamathara had the idea to built a Dhamma Hospital to provide a place for patients, yogis and meditators so everybody can practice meditation, have a peaceful mind and a healthy body. It is a safe place suitable for all to get a better understanding of the benefits of meditation and doing good deeds. All around the world, doctors and scientist are researching these benefits in healing and/or preventing physical and mental afflictions. Meditation is the unique way to truly heal and/or change your mind to fulfill your desire to return to good health more quickly. Since the opening ceremony in May 2017, the Dhamma Hospital offers refuge to 400 yogis/patients to be cared for by locals and Burmese (students) nurses.

Here is a recording of Sayadaw Ottamathara explaining what is the Dhamma Hospital: Audio

6 January 2018

Thabarwa Nature Center EU needs you

Appello a tutti i volontari meditanti: Il Centro Thabarwa Nature Center EU, ha bisogno di te. Nei primi giorni di dicembre una violenta pioggia ghiacciata ha spaccato molti alberi che si trovano nel meraviglioso bosco che contorna il Centro. Il Centro è in fase di costruzione, ma può già ospitare volontari. Abbiamo urgente bisogno di aiuto per salvare le piante che a causa dei rami spezzati rischiano di morire. Come in tutti i Centri fondati dal Venerabile Sayadaw Ottamasara potrai ricevere cibo alloggio e praticare meditazione in totale gratuità.Nel centro è presente anche un'insegnante di meditazione che seguendo l'insegnamento di Sayadaw potrà aiutarti nella pratica. Grazie a tutti quelli che risponderanno a questo appello.

Appeal to all meditating volunteers: The Thabarwa Nature Center EU needs you. In the first days of December a violent rain and hail broke through many trees in the wonderful forest that surrounds the Center. The Center is under construction, but it can already host volunteers. We urgently need help to save the plants that are likely to die because of broken branches . As in all the Centers founded by the Venerable Sayadaw Ottamasara you can receive food accommodation and practice meditation total free. In the center there is also a meditation teacher who, following Sayadaw's teaching, can help you in practicing. Thanks to all those who will respond to this appeal.

Dr Dony Barbagallo

‭+39 347 6977778‬

5 January 2018

2018 Foreign trips

22 Feb. - 20 March

Malaysian - Singapore

4 May - 8 May

Vietnam - Danang (7 days), Hatian (5 days), Saigon (2 days)

22 May - 20 July ==> Europe Tour


22Fly to Scotland than visit land in Holland & Belgium


6 or 7Drive to Frankfurt
9 to 12Buddha’s Weg and Frankfurt temple teachings...(last teaching 12 evening)
13Visit in Klein Raden
14 to 15Drive to Lithuania
16 to 22Lithuania & Riga
23 to 25Travel to Switzerland
26Travel to Italy
27 to 3 JulyItaly retreat


4 to 6 Italy visit authorities
7 Drive to France (Langres or Montpellier)
7 to 8 Montpellier (or Normandie)
9 to 16 Retreat at Langres
17 to 20Paris

23 July - 29 October

USA tour

Thabarwa Nature centers in the world

Some of our Thabarwa centers in Myanmar